Thursday, July 17, 2008

Why should I care about keeping my nails, hands and feet groomed?

Have you ever paid attention to someone’s hands or feet and thought something like “How could they have the audacity to walk around looking like that?” It’s the truth right? But the main reason why many individuals walk around with issues like dry hands, skin build-up on their feet, and long discolored thickened toenails, is because they are not educated on the importance of nail and skin care.

Keeping well-groomed nails, hands, and feet, should be a part of your daily hygiene regimen. This goes for both men and women. Frequent manicures, pedicures, moisturizing, exfoliation, and a well balanced diet, will help keep your nails and skin healthy and simply beautiful. You know how good you feel when you get your hair done or cut, when you have on a new outfit, pair of shoes, perfume or cologne? Well having and maintaining nicely manicured hands and pedicured feet will make you feel good as well because it enhances your personal appearance.

Nails are also a prime source for the transmission of macro and microscopic organisms, toxins, and irritants, as well. In addition to bathing, washing your hands periodically throughout the day with antibacterial soap, using hand sanitizer, and even using antibacterial lotion are ways in which you can limit the amount of bacteria your nails harbor and transmit. When washing your hands, you need to make sure to wash under your nails free-edge and around the cuticle area. These are places where bacteria like to camp out. If you have a nailbrush handy, or even an extra toothbrush, you could use it to scrub around and under your nails when washing. When bathing, be sure to wash in between toes and under toenails and make sure your feet are completely dry before placing them in slippers or closed toe shoes. Fungi like to grow in dark, damp and moist places.

I hope today’s entry helps you to understand why it is important to keep your nails, hands, and feet well groomed!

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  1. Wonderful Information. I am saving this to my favorites and I look forward to learning more. All the info on bacteria, really drives me to want to stop biting my nails...ooh it is so hard to stop!