Thursday, September 23, 2010

don’t FALL out of your pedicure schedule

Just because autumn is upon us and your feet will soon be bundled up, does not mean that you don’t need to get regular pedicures. Pedicures not only enhance your personal appearance, but they improve basic foot comfort and help with foot and toe health. When feet are confined in closed-toe shoes, they can suffer from dryness, cracking, fatigue and cramping. Also, some individuals feet tend to sweat; therefore, causing the skin to peel and potentially develop a bacterial or fungal infection. The steps of safely cleaning under and around toenails can help clean any debris and skin that bacteria and fungus like to attach to. In addition, the processes of soaking, exfoliating, and massaging the feet during a pedicure, are done to soften and sanitize; remove and smooth dry, flaky, and callused skin; and to lubricate moisturize, and invigorate the skin, respectively.
Remember that your feet are in daily use and they need routine maintenance all year long. So schedule your biweekly or monthly pedicures in advance for the fall and winter months to keep feet healthy and happy!    

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